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Support Intergroup & WSO

Donation Guidelines


The 7th Tradition new guidelines for contributions have been adopted by the WSO Board of Trustees and approved by the Conference delegates at their November 12, 2022 Meeting. They were finalized at the February 18, 2023 delegates meeting. 

The new suggested 50/50 disbursements are made after the group meeting has set aside money for a prudent reserve of 2 months worth of meeting expenses. Then 50 percent is sent to Intergroup and 50 percent is sent to WSO. 

The new guidelines for donations supersede and replace those mentioned in the Big Red Book and other ACA literature that need to be updated.

What does WSO do with your donations?

  • Translates and publishes literature in other languages

  • Pays special workers to keep accounts and manage technology

  • Maintains physical and virtual assets like ware houses and websites

What does Intergroup do with your donations?

  • Provide seed money and support to new meetings

  • Webpage - provides list of all meetings in South East Florida Area

  • Newsletter

  • Create Workshops

  • Provide Literature

  • Outreach program with institutions and therapists

Your group's 7th Tradition contribution to Intergroup may be processed through Zelle or mail (See Below).

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Zelle® Online Donations

If you are familiar with Zelle®, please follow the instructions on your right to make a donation to IG.

  1. Access Zelle via Smartphone or Banking App

  2. Business Contact Name: SE FL ACA INTERGROUP

  3. Enter Email Address:

  4. In comments box, please put your NAME and FL # of your meeting.

If you don't have Zelle®, you can access the app through your smartphone or personal banking app. Instructions for both options can be found by clicking the appropriate button on your right. After you download, please come back and follow the above instructions.

Mail in Payments

Make check payable to: 

"SE FL ACA Intergroup, Inc."

If donating for a group, please list your meeting name in the memo field or at the top of the check.


Mailing Address:

SE FL ACA Intergroup, Inc.

P.O. Box 31722

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420

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